Posted by: molidenkampot | August 24, 2008

Moliden Guesthouse

Moliden Guesthouse is the best place to stay in. It is located by a stream with fresh air in the center of the former French-colonial town of Kampot. It has a restaurant and bar. The rooms are excellent. Through the windows of the front rooms, you can see the very beautiful views of the stream water and mountains. In the evening, you can see the wonderful sunset.



In Moliden restaurant, you can enjoy fresh seafood, special BBQ with cocktail, Italian food, western food, Asian food, Khmer food, and fresh fruit juice.

Visiting the historic town of Kampot and staying at Moliden Guesthouse, you will be very welcome and particularly served by its friendly Cambodian staff.

Moliden Gusthouse guests

Moliden Gusthouse guests

For reservation, please contact us by e-mail at or call us at 012-820779 from within Cambodia or at +855-12-820779 from abroad.

Thank you!

Posted by: molidenkampot | August 24, 2008

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